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To  many of us, the first days of university were full of excitment to experience new life, meet new people, and passion for more, but then the days moved on ,feelings started to freeze, plans have changed, exhaustion, boredom, grief, regret, sometimes loneliness were all over. and we started to dream of another day, the graduation day.

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But days moved on again, and we got closer to that day, a new bunch of feelings came along, a new journey is about to get launched, the world is about to open up to us, so lets embrace the moment and accept the challenges!


In those 4 years we experienced alot! we had an infinite loop of exams, many nights to stay up for working or studying, many disappoinments, dozens of projects to do, many fights for not liking each other work, but eventually we had a funny, lovely, faithfull friendship, filled with laughs ,and crazy moments, praying  for eachother whenever one of us had an exam, feeling relieved when we all mess up in exams, we can’t deny the plenty of moments we had.




Today, we all know that we can accomplish anything we set on our minds, and tommorrow we’ll meet up again, programmers, designers, developers, CEOs, some of us are part of huge international companies, others are walking on the red carpet, or prepare them selves for a TV interview!

We are the future and today, we are graduating!




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Enjoy watching the trailer, of Days Of JU film:


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