A Four-day Film Camp at Bolu, Turkey With AL SHARQ YOUTH

I remember how i recieved that acceptance email, when Bayan and I were watching the new oscar nominated, Hidden Figures, I woke up the next day checking my mail , to see that my team was accepted in the film camp!


“every experience is a form of exploration.”

I packed for turkey and I’ve always loved visiting this country, which I was already filming its great city, istanbul.

On feb 9th , a rainy day it was, bayan and I headed to the al sharq forum building, I remember the first impression to each member of  the camp mates , we were seven teams , from maybe 6 different nationalities. we all sat at the meeting room table, two girls came to introduce them selves… a girl setting a the edge of the table was staring ..three talkative men with lovely egyption accent at the corner .. we went down the elevator with two young men mocking our matching lugagges..and further more a very talkative guy discussing his script all the way to Bolu..





And we are here in Abant, Bolu, Turkey..

we started the sessions with the one of his kind Mr. Ayed Naba’a 

by defining CINEMA.

Which is simply,


Mr. Ayed taught us to know our selves, and to speak for our ideas , our beliefs, and to look for achieving the best of cinemas more than looking for red carpets and lights! he taught us to observe! and observe more..

he taught us to build up a thousand  film out of one location, based on the dramatic structure,

and eventually making a concise story , and well understood..

                                                        “وعندما استيقظ ، كان الديناصور ما يزال هناك”




the Flawless Ala Hamdan on her own taught us to ” think personal , but think big!” and to show not to tell.

or the fact that Hitchcock was the first director to use the toilets in a movie scene.

the movies scripts discussion were so much fun and knowledgable,

from short films to feature film and oscar winning like 12 years a slave.





This four-day camp took us beyond the knowledge and experience, through the camp days we didnt only learn screen writing skills, we learnt culture, life, hope, struggle,           shared stories of survivng, built new friends, we all became one family, sharing different cultures, traditions, accents, stories, but we all speak filmmaking language!


Untitled design.jpg




with the turkish director , Muhmut Coskun , as we all watched togather his award   winning film Uzak Ihtimal.


at the end of these four days, the girl who was setting at the edge of table was Cyrine, the lovely tunisian young lady who joined my group , and overwhelmed us with her passion to the italian and irani cinema, the three egyption men , were Mr. abu el fotooh the director, Mr. Noah the DOP who couldnt stop sharing his lovely stoties in shootings, and Mr. Ramadan, the three were very experienced and gave us alot from their experience, the one who sound to be very talkative was Ahmad from palestine the one with green jacket and big smile in our group photo, who made a very impressive descision at the end of this trip hope he can share his new journey with us , the two guys who went down the elevator with us were Amir and Abdelrahman from egypt the two have worked on a very impressive short film called “ghareeb” these two added a very lovely touch with their sense of humor, Omayma from Algeria and Islam from Jordan were the two girls to introduce them selves, i wouldnt forget to mention the one who kept following us with his camera, and filmed all our unforgetable moments , Basel Al Banyasi, also the calm syrian team who are filming stories of surviving , at last but not least the ones who shared our table with, the palestinian team.




at the end of this post I want to truly thank Mr. Amer for such a great opportunity , the lovely Firdous , and shermeen , and the one who inspired us Mr. Montaser Marai.

T H A N K   Y O U     A L S H A R Q    Y O U  T H


 Bolu short clip link :Video189views20comments





Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 4

To  many of us, the first days of university were full of excitment to experience new life, meet new people, and passion for more, but then the days moved on ,feelings started to freeze, plans have changed, exhaustion, boredom, grief, regret, sometimes loneliness were all over. and we started to dream of another day, the graduation day.

IMG_9905 copy

But days moved on again, and we got closer to that day, a new bunch of feelings came along, a new journey is about to get launched, the world is about to open up to us, so lets embrace the moment and accept the challenges!


In those 4 years we experienced alot! we had an infinite loop of exams, many nights to stay up for working or studying, many disappoinments, dozens of projects to do, many fights for not liking each other work, but eventually we had a funny, lovely, faithfull friendship, filled with laughs ,and crazy moments, praying  for eachother whenever one of us had an exam, feeling relieved when we all mess up in exams, we can’t deny the plenty of moments we had.




Today, we all know that we can accomplish anything we set on our minds, and tommorrow we’ll meet up again, programmers, designers, developers, CEOs, some of us are part of huge international companies, others are walking on the red carpet, or prepare them selves for a TV interview!

We are the future and today, we are graduating!




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Enjoy watching the trailer, of Days Of JU film:


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Cosmetics photography is not a hard thing to do, and doesn’t require great equipments to get it done in the best way.

This blogpost will share with you the easiest tips to photograph your products.

The things you need for the shooting are:

  1. white sheet.
  2. external lighting (Spotlight).
  3. props that could help in making a good composition.
  4. the products you want to photograph.IMG_9043The key for this to work , is to know the aprppriate angle for your lighting source, the lighting angles and types need a full post to be discussed, so I can share some later on. After picking the angle, place the products randomly over the white sheet , or the way you find more artistic, then choose the right camera settings and just shoot! 😉

    The last thing comes the editing.

    More tips will be discussed in part II of cosmetics and product photography.

SPRING/SUMMER Fashion&Beauty Editorial


“the most beautiful color in the world is the color that suits you best”

-Coco Chanel.

S0014433edDSCF4389ed DSCF4410

Spring Is Colors

Spring Is Elegance

Spring Is Red Lipstick

Spring Is Roses

Spring Is Love

Spring Is A Vincent Van Gogh Painting

Spring Is Fashion

Spring Is Beauty


Since that Summer hasn’t really started, this campaign is preparing you to say goodbye to spring and welcome summer through photography.

DSCF4272 DSCF4273 DSCF4298

Summer Is Vacation

Summer Is Family

Summer Is Friendship

Summer Is A Picnic With The Ones You Love

DSCF4323 DSCF4324 DSCF4342janine DSCF4343DSCF4326 DSCF4336 DSCF4338  DSCF4362 DSCF4369 DSCF4371

At the end of this blogpost I would love to thank my beautiful models and friends: Farah Saif, Rawaa Turki, and Laila Sukkar,

wish you all a splendid summer.


Away from the hustle and bustle of life, to experience the simple life of old Amman, colored with beige, designed with bougainvillea , lived by humble , happy ,and tolerant people. Its calm atmosphere is played like a symphony,

DSCF4765 DSCF4714DSCF4863DSCF4858


Each step you take between the old houses of old Amman will take you back to the story of these houses.

DSCF4851    DSCF4896


Each cafe tells a story of culture and legacy ,each meal you will have will make you taste the simplicity of arabian food. Being in old Amman for the first time made me feel how magical our culture is, how beautiful the culture of the middleeast is, walking beside its markets, enjoying listening to vendors and shoppers conversations made them feel like I was a tourist ,or a girl that visits Jordan for the first time , at that moment I knew that we don’t have to live for a long time in a place to know it well.


People travel the world to discover the traditions and culture all over the world, and if you wanted to check the heritage  of Amman, or if you wanted to experience Amman in the 40’s don’t hesitate to visit old Amman.